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Summerville Couple Launches Initiative to Support Unpaid Family Caregivers across South Carolina

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Summerville Pair Strives to Alleviate the Burden on Family Caregivers Statewide

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — A determined Summerville couple is tackling the pressing issue of unpaid caregiver aid in South Carolina. After witnessing the profound impact and immense challenges that unpaid caregivers face, the couple is in the process of launching an initiative aimed at enhancing both the welfare and financial situation of these silent heroes.

A Personal Experience Transforms into a Greater Vision

Vishal Patel, who suffered his first stroke in 2008, followed by a more severe one in 2015, knows firsthand the significance of caregivers. It was a grueling road to recovery, replete with long hours in the hospital and challenging rehabilitation that entailed relearning rudimentary tasks such as walking.

“It’s been very challenging, but on the flip side, it’s shown me compassion – showed me how people can and should rise to the challenge…” Patel remarks, reflecting on his recovery journey.

Through both incidences, Patel’s wife, Deepa, stood by him, dedicating her life to aid his recovery. This invaluable support highlighted the crucial role caregivers play, inspiring the couple to take action.

The Plight of the Unpaid Caregivers

According to a report by the South Carolina House Legislative Oversight Committee Department on Aging, around 700,000 family caregivers in the state provide over 730 million hours of unpaid care each year. With the financial strain and other immense challenges these caregivers face, the Patel’s recognized the desperate need for resources and support.

“We’ve created a platform in which family caregivers can start to benefit and local businesses, at the same time, start benefiting…” says Patel, speaking about their new initiative, the Family Caregivers Cooperative.

This platform targets the financial stress often experienced by caregivers, offering them access to goods and services at discounted rates. Caregivers can also earn additional income as “ambassadors” without compromising their caregiving responsibilities.

Apart from financial relief, the platform is designed as a comprehensive solution, offering education, care management tools, and necessary support for caregivers. The couple is hopeful that by addressing these needs, their initiative can provide some form of relief to the caregiver community.

Aiming for a Dominio Effect

“Working on the financial stresses, we give a bit of bandwidth for them to be able to deal with other stresses in a better way, and we found through a lot of research that this could be a huge potential for improving the quality of life of the caregivers,” Patel observed.

The couple’s pioneering spirit and their efforts to improve the lives of unpaid caregivers are a beacon of hope for many. Their initiative serves as a much-needed reminder that often the most significant strides forward come from personal experiences and the desire to ensure others don’t struggle in the same way.

Summerville Couple Launches Initiative to Support Unpaid Family Caregivers across South Carolina Spartanburg SC

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