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Therapy Dog Cricket Aids in Children’s Literacy Development in Spartanburg County Library

Therapy dog reading sessions

Therapy Dog Cricket Aids in Children’s Literacy Development in Spartanburg County Library

Spartanburg, S.C.

At the bustling Spartanburg County Library, it’s not just the librarians that are helping local children learn to read. A soothing therapy dog named Cricket is delighting children and fostering a love of reading.

A Calm Companion for Young Readers

Cricket’s owner, Kathy Hodges, attributes his success as a reading companion to his calm and patient nature. Hodges first witnessed Cricket’s affinity for books and children through her own grandchildren. “When they would come over, I’d have them read to Cricket. He’s very calm and likes to sit beside you, which helped them learn to read,” she stated.

Young readers like Vivinen Denishcich have enthusiastically taken to reading their favorite books to Cricket. “I like books because it’s like you’re watching a movie, but instead of actually watching, you just see the pictures,” Denishcich shared.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Cricket’s calm demeanour extends beyond just providing companionship; he creates a supportive environment for children who may be reluctant or nervous to read aloud. “Some children are afraid to read out loud, so Cricket represents a calming, non-judgmental presence. He just loves being near them, which helps eliminate their fears and allows them to read,” Hodges shared.

Cricket’s Contributions>

Sophia Caldwell, representative from Spartanburg County Library, affirmed the substantial positive influence Cricket has had on the library’s younger patrons. “He just lights up the room whenever he comes in. It’s sweet to see kids build their confidence in reading by reading to him,” Caldwell commented.

Cricket’s positive impact also extends to adults, with Hodges herself sharing how the therapeutic dog came into her life during a lonely period. She sees him as an angel in disguise since he unexpectedly arrived in her life. Soon after, they both committed to giving back to the Spartanburg community. “I wanted to give back, and that’s why I had him trained for therapy—to put a smile on other people’s faces,” Hodges stated.

Thanks to the efforts of Hodges and the local library team, Cricket continues to contribute to children’s literacy in Spartanburg, creating fond memories and inspiring a lifelong love for books among young readers.

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Therapy Dog Cricket Aids in Children's Literacy Development in Spartanburg County Library Spartanburg SC

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