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Pro-Haley Super PAC Releases New Ad Labeling Trump as ‘Chicken’, Airs it During Prime Time Fox News Slot

Chicken inside a political debate podium

Pro-Haley Super PAC Unleashes New ‘Chicken’ Ad Targeting Trump

New attack ad on former President Donald Trump by Pro-Haley super PAC aired during prime time Fox News slot

On Wednesday, the headlining Super Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign took their political onslaught to a new level, airing a contentious advertisement during Prime Time, specifically during Fox News host, Sean Hannity’s time slot. The ad boldly labels former President Donald Trump as a “chicken” for evading his last noteworthy 2024 GOP adversary.

The advertisement, which was initially reported by CBS News, paints a strong image of the previous president’s debate withdrawal. It incorporates footage of a chicken with provocative messages provocatively poking at Trump as he takes a shot at the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. “Too old and unfit? Or just unhinged and afraid? We don’t know,” the ad states, continuing with “But one thing we do know. Donald Trump is chicken.”

Haley Trailing in the Primaries: Strong Words for a Strong Challenger

Despite opting out of the GOP Presidential debates, Trump managed substantial victories in the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Republican primary, leaving Haley trailing. Further adding to Haley’s lag was her defeat to the “none of these candidates” option in the Nevada presidential primary earlier this week.

In response to this ad campaign, Trump’s spokesperson, Karoline Leavitt, dismissed such tactics by questioning why Trump would “waste his time debating a candidate who was crushed by 30 points in Iowa, defeated by double digits in New Hampshire, literally lost to ‘nobody’ in Nevada, and has zero pathways to victory?” She further stated that Trump “will debate his real opponent, Joe Biden, any day of the week.”

Haley’s Home State Challenge and the Birdbrain Tag

Haley, who previously served as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. during the Trump administration, is now potentially facing defeat in her home state of South Carolina in the upcoming GOP primaries on Feb. 24. She is the last notable Republican font-runner running against Trump. Many powerful South Carolina GOP figures already back the former president, who seems poised to carry his momentum into the state.

In a past speech, Donald Trump showed disdain for the former governor by nicknaming her “birdbrain”. He also jokingly stated that he was not aware that Haley was still campaigning, alleging that she is “completely unelectable”.

Haley’s Stand and SFA’s Strong Statement

The ad, an initiative by the pro-Haley Super PAC known as Stand For America Fund, is perceived to be aimed at Trump’s notorious fondness for cable news and his close association with Hannity. The PAC’s spokesperson, Preya Samsundar, stated, “Is Trump afraid of pulling a Joe Biden on stage and confusing Nikki Haley for Nancy Pelosi again, or is he more worried that he won’t be able to explain why he failed to preserve the border during his first term as president?” She concluded, “Whatever his reasoning, voters will be left with one thought about Donald Trump’s refusal to debate: he’s chicken.”

Pro-Haley Super PAC Releases New Ad Labeling Trump as 'Chicken', Airs it During Prime Time Fox News Slot Spartanburg SC

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