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Upstate school districts switch to eLearning on day of eclipse – News Blog

Solar eclipse eLearning technology.

Upstate school districts switch to eLearning on day of eclipse

GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – Upstate school districts are switching to eLearning on Monday, April 8 due to the solar eclipse. According to one district, on this day, a solar eclipse will be visible across much of North America. In Greenville, the eclipse will occur from approximately 1:51 to 4:24 p.m., peaking at 3:09 p.m., at which time the sun will be 82 percent covered.

Safety and Instruction Prioritized

As of now, both Greenville County Schools and ALL Spartanburg County School Districts will make the change. After considering numerous options – including early dismissal at some or all levels, late dismissals at some levels, eLearning at some or all levels, and combinations thereof – the district concluded that an eLearning day is the best option for all students.

To get all elementary and middle school students home before the window of the maximum eclipse would have required a very early dismissal after students had been at school for only a few hours, which would have shortened students’ instruction significantly and created significant inconveniences for families and employees. eLearning prioritizes safety, allows parents to supervise their children (or have older siblings available to do so) during the eclipse, and provides the opportunity for more academic instruction.

The district does understand that eLearning days present challenges for many families and students, so this decision was made only after all other options were ruled out.

Educating Students on the Eclipse

Greenville County Schools District officials said leading up to April 8, schools will be educating students about the eclipse. Additionally, schools will provide safety tips for students and parents about how to view the eclipse while protecting their vision.

More Information

For more information on the eclipse, click here.

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Upstate school districts switch to eLearning on day of eclipse - News Blog Spartanburg SC

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