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Timeline of Utica Police Shooting Unfolds: Tragic Incident Leaves 13-Year-Old Boy Dead

Police car at scene.

‘He’s got a gun!’ A second-by-second timeline of Utica police shooting that killed boy, 13

In Utica, New York, a routine police stop turned deadly in less than a minute on June 28, 2024, when a 13-year-old boy, Nyah Mway, was shot and killed following his and another young boy’s encounter with local law enforcement. Here is a harrowing timeline of the events that unfolded.

The Initial Stop

According to police records, two 13-year-old boys were stopped on a Utica street on that fateful Friday evening. However, things quickly took a turn as, instead of complying, the boys decided to run from the officers.

The Chase

Just about thirty-one seconds into the chase, one of the officers noticed Mway had what appeared to be a firearm. The officer was quick to relay the message to his partner, shouting “He’s got a gun!“. Sensing the apparent danger the situation might potentially bring, the officer decided to raise his own firearm.

Mway is shot

The events took a tragic turn when, in what can only be described as a split-second decision, the officer shot at Mway. The bullet hit him squarely in the chest, causing him to fall on the ground. The 13-year-old was unable to recover from the wound and tragically died on the scene.

The Aftermath

Following the tragic incident, the Utica Police Department assured that a thorough investigation would take place, focusing on the officers’ actions before, during, and after the shooting. The officers involved in the incident are currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Community Response

The shooting quickly sent shockwaves throughout the Utica community, resulting in a host of questions and concerns from Mway’s family and friends, as well as a broader public seeking answers. Amid the grief and confusion, a strong community call for justice for Mway and a thorough review of police procedures and training ensued.

A Call to Action

The case, while deeply tragic, serves as a stark reminder of the ripple effects of split-second decisions. With the community demanding accountability, it highlights the need for improved communication strategies, training, and community policing programs in preventing such occurrences.

The investigation of Mway’s shooting is ongoing, with a collective demand for justice echoing in the streets of Utica. As the city mourns the loss, it is a painful reminder that there is much work to be done in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Timeline of Utica Police Shooting Unfolds: Tragic Incident Leaves 13-Year-Old Boy Dead Spartanburg SC

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