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New Veterinary Urgent Care Open Until 11 P.M. in Spartanburg

Veterinary teamwork at night.

New Veterinary Urgent Care Open Until 11 P.M. in Spartanburg

The city of Spartanburg welcome its newest veterinary practice, Palmetto Animal Urgent Care, that will provide urgent pet care beyond the limited 9-5 schedule of standard veterinary practices. This vital institution, which opened its doors on March 4th, extends the services of the reputable Palmetto Animal Clinic and brings much-needed nighttime pet healthcare services to the west side of Spartanburg.

A Collaboration Filling a Gap

Established by Dr. Stefanie Gagliardi and Dr. Meagan Payton-Russell, both noted for their distinct skill sets within the veterinary sphere, Palmetto Animal Urgent Care promises comprehensive services. Dr. Gagliardi is renowned for her work in small animal reproduction and practice management, while Dr. Payton-Russell brings her expertise in emergency medicine and soft tissue surgery to the fore.

Spartanburg pet owners had often faced the daunting challenge of finding a late-night urgent care for their pets before the introduction of this unique care center. Their only option was to embark on a lengthy journey to Greenville, a city boasting 24-hour vet services. However, these practices were increasingly overwhelmed, signaling an urgent need for an accessible solution within Spartanburg.

The duo recognized this need and seized the opportunity to bridge the gap left by overwhelmed daytime clinics and distant emergency services. “So we’re just kind of filling that gap between daytime doctors, who are actually also overwhelmed, and then the ER.” stated Dr. Payton-Russell.

Pioneering Night-time Services in Spartanburg

Palmetto Animal Urgent Care now stands as one of only two clinics in Spartanburg to provide services past the 7 p.m. mark. Distinguishing itself further, it is the only privately owned clinic open during these extended hours. This essential facility will operate from 5-11 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m.-11 p.m. during the weekends.

Each skilled team on duty at the clinic will consist of a competent doctor and three to four trained technicians. Pet owners in need can pre-register on the clinic’s official website or contact them via phone to secure their pet’s healthcare during an emergency.


The Palmetto Animal Urgent Care is undeniably a much-needed addition to Spartanburg’s veterinary landscape. Its commitment to plugging the gap in essential pet healthcare services ensures that the city’s pet owners are never left stranded during their pets’ medical emergencies. Furthermore, with the clinic’s seasoned team at the helm, Spartanburg’s pet community can rest assured that their furry friends are in safe and competent hands, even in the dead of the night.

Source: HERE News Network.

New Veterinary Urgent Care Open Until 11 P.M. in Spartanburg Spartanburg SC

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